Instagram interiors: 5 VSCO filters you need to be using

Instagram is full of interior design shots. A quick search of #interiordesign comes up with 65 million posts. Yes 65 million.

The truth is a lot of them look the same and it’s getting harder for your photos to get noticed.

So how can you stand out and get your interior in front of new followers?

Introducing VSCO

VSCO gives you access to “presets and editing tools on mobile to make beautiful photos and videos.”

We’re not on commission here, we promise.

We use VSCO at The Letter Arty to give our photos a bit of an edge,

Using the presets, you can instantly add a different feel to an image at the touch of a button. Just what you need when you’re on the go and want to post a shot of your latest interiors purchase.

Get downloading. You won’t regret it.

If you’ve got it. You’re going to want to experiment with presets. Not all of them lend themselves to interior shots and others depend on the lighting in your home.

So to make it a bit easier we’ve put together a collection of our 5 VSCO filters for Instagram interiors. We’ve tried to balance some different styles whilst staying on trend with the latest interior styling themes.

What filters are good for Instagram interiors?

A6 VSCO filter interior design

Image: emmakingphotography
VSCO preset: A6

Looking for an understated look for your interior shots? A6 uses subtle colour shifts and fading to add a classic analog film look to your images. Ideal for interiors.

KP1 VSCO filter interior design

Image: joshharoldson
VSCO preset: KP1

If your home is full of bright colours the Kodak Portra 160 (KP1) is for you. Play with exposure to make colours more vibrant or muted. 

10 VSCO filter interior design

Image: syarifah
VSCO preset: 10

10 - Legacy is one of the presets VSCO launched with and its stood the test of time. This one is pretty versatile and can be used to add vibrancy and texture to your photos.

S2 VSCO filter interior design

Image: Angedye
VSCO preset: S2

S2 - Bright & Clean is one of our favourite presets in VSCO when we're using lighter backgrounds. Monochrome rooms work well with S2 giving flat images a bit of life.

KE1 VSCO filter interior design

Image: earvinf
VSCO preset: KE1

Kodak Ektar 100 (KE1) is known for its fine film grain is very fine and vivid colors. Ideal for bright rooms with plenty of light to bring out vibrant colours in your furniture and accessories. 

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